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Linsheng Company Introduces The Method Of Purchasing Emergency Starting Power Supply For Automobiles


With the continuous popularity of automobiles, many aut […]

With the continuous popularity of automobiles, many automotive products are also constantly innovating. Among them, the car's emergency starting power supply is also a must-have artifact that people count-out. Next, Linsheng company introduces the method of purchasing an emergency starter power supply for automobiles.


1. Look means to look at the appearance, workmanship, size, and craftsmanship of the car's emergency starter. We can look at the joints of the shell, whether the seam is wide, whether there are burrs, and whether there are oil stains, whether it feels good to the touch, the advanced technology is very comfortable to the touch, after polishing, the rubber oil polishing material It not only feels good but also has strong insulation performance. Whether the upper and lower cover or the place where the parts are combined are neat, whether the gap is uniform, and whether the shell is smooth and closed. These details can be carefully checked under light or sunlight. If there are flaws in these areas, they are most obvious when viewed in the backlight. Finally, the color is correct or not, whether the color is natural, whether there are impurities, in addition to these, also pay attention to whether the surface color has chromatic aberration or black spots.


2. Selection refers to the selection of manufacturers and brands. Automotive emergency starter power supplies have not become popular in the market soon. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshop brands; manufacturers who have been in the business for a long time are more trustworthy than those who have just entered the field. In addition, it is emphasized that when choosing a car emergency starting power supply, it is best to choose a polymer battery as the battery power supply. Compared with ordinary 18650 ordinary lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries have better safety and longer service life.


3. Test means to test by yourself to see the actual effect of the power supply. Here are some tips for you. It will be troublesome to test a car to start, but the car's emergency start power can also be used to charge a mobile phone. You can check the mobile phone to see the car's emergency start power. If the situation permits, you can start the emergency power supply for a car with a relatively small amount of electricity, and charge the mobile phone that is running out of electricity or has been shut down due to no electricity to see if it can work normally. This can roughly check the circuit design of a power supply.