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Linsheng : Gas VS Electric Air Compressor


Do you want to buy a gas-powered air compressor or buy […]

Do you want to buy a gas-powered air compressor or buy an electric air compressor? How do you know which is a better choice between gas and electric air compressors? The choice between gas and electric air compressors can be a real challenge. Usually this is a very simple decision - you have to use a gas powered engine when you want more power. This is the general concept behind most power tools. Power tools are smaller, lighter, mostly quieter and have no odor. The gas engine provides more power for really hard work and the motor can't handle it.


Linsheng    describes the difference between the gas and the electric air compressor and the characteristics of the use, suggestive options


Why is there a difficult choice between gas and electric air compressors?


The reason is that, in general, when you want more power, you need a gas engine. The motor is very powerful, but there are limits to the power supply. The motor can draw power depending on the household power source. For example, if your power supply is 110 VAC, the maximum current you can draw is limited to 10 or 15 amps. If you know your power equation, this is equivalent to:




Therefore, when the power supply is limited to domestic power supply, the Power equation is as follows:


Power = 120 volts X 15 AMPS = 1800 watts.


The power of household electric motors must not exceed 2 kW. This is unless you have multiphase wiring and then you can use a larger motor, but this is usually limited to commercial locations. However, this is not the case when it comes to gas powered air compressors. Even very small gas air compressors can produce at least 2 kW and above. The larger the capacity of the gas engine, the higher the power output.


Gas engines are not subject to external restrictions


Therefore, this is why gas-powered air compressors generate more power than electric compressors. But this is at the expense of noise, exhaust emissions and gasoline costs! But when you really need a lot of power to get the job done, there is no choice. Gas air compressors are the way to go!


But which gas is the best choice between electric air compressors?


The problem between gas and electric air compressors is a bit different from most other power tools. As we have discussed, the power of electric compressors is limited by the domestic electricity supply. But what we need to consider is that the electric compressor is an air storage tank. Since a typical electric compressor is equipped with a gas storage tank, energy can be stored in compressed air.


The key is the compressed air tank


The electric air compressor works by driving a compressed air pump. The air pump fills the tank with compressed air up to the limit of the tank. When the tank reaches the high pressure limit, the motor automatically shuts down and enters standby mode. When you use compressed air or the pressure level drops, the motor will turn back on.


Why is the storage tank important?


For electric air compressors, you usually want to maintain the level of operation of the available compressed air in the tank. This is actually a form of power that exists as stored energy of compressed air. The actual stored energy of compressed air can be delivered as electricity when you need it. The energy stored in compressed air can be converted into kinetic energy to power aerodynamics. This is the secret to owning and running your own electric air compressor at home.


You may be surprised by the air pressure VS electric compressor!


The purpose of the compressed air tank is to provide compressed air when you need it. This means that the electric air compressor can actually provide higher power in a short time. Higher power can be delivered in the form of energy stored in compressed air. This is why Lin Sheng recommends electric air compressors because they can provide high power. Even though it may be only a short time, the electric air compressor can provide the same power as the compressed air as the gas air compressor.


This is why we recommend buying an electric air compressor


There are many other good reasons to buy an electric air compressor for use at home. Unlike most other power tools, the absolute power of a gas engine and an electric air compressor is not important. When purchasing an air compressor, the power of the electric air compressor should not be the only factor you choose.


Advantages of electric air compressors


Electric air compressors Electric air compressors are easier to use than gas air compressors. The biggest advantage is that the electric air compressor does not have any odorous exhaust gas. In general, electric air compressors are quieter than gas air compressors. Some electric air compressors are very quiet and therefore very attractive to some people. Electric air compressors are smaller, lighter and easier to use than gas air compressors.


Electric compressor is easy to use


Ordinary electric air compressors can be started directly without waiting for warm-up. The electric air compressor has an automatic shut-off function so there is no risk of overpressure or overheating. Since the electric air compressor is small in size and light in weight, it can be easily stored when not in use. You can even buy an electric air compressor that does not require oil, so there is no problem with the leak. Electric air compressors require less maintenance and can be started at any time!


Advantages of gas compressors


Gas powered air compressors On the other side of the coin, the electric air compressor can only be used when you plug it into a household power outlet. If you work at a remote job site, or if the power supply is not working, then you need to rely on a gas powered air compressor. But this is one of the few advantages of gas and electric air compressors! With a few exceptions, both gas and electric air compressors operate at similar compressed air levels. Therefore, there is not much difference between the gas and the electric air compressor in terms of performance. Indeed, large gas powered air compressors can provide compressed air at higher flow rates. But these large units are usually heavier and more expensive.


Disadvantages of gas compressors


The biggest difference between gas and electric air compressors is the continuous operation of the gas compressor. Gas air compressors do not have a closing limit, such as an electric air compressor. The gas air compressor simply releases the pilot valve to release excess air. This process is wasteful and because the gas air compressor is continuously running, it uses more energy to operate. Needless to say, this means that the gas air compressor produces constant noise and exhaust. It is difficult to use a gas-powered air compressor at a shared work site, which is a big problem. It is also impossible to use a gas air compressor in an enclosed space due to exhaust emissions. Gas powered air compressors are typically larger, heavier and require more maintenance than electric air compressors.


Why choose a pneumatic air compressor?


The main reason for choosing a gas-powered air compressor is for heavy industrial sites without electricity. There is no doubt that the gas air compressor is very powerful and can deliver a large amount of compressed air. All you have to do is provide hearing protection and lots of petrol!


We recommend using an electric air compressor


As we have discussed, there is not much difference between gas and electric air compressors. If you need a lot of compressed air, you can of course use a 20-gallon air compressor or even a 60-gallon air compressor. If you need a small portable air compressor, choose an electric air compressor. If you are looking for the best silent air compressor, then the electric air compressor is the only way out!


No matter which method you use, electric air compressors are almost the best choice!


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