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Linsheng Explained-Maintenance Of Air Compressor For The Car ?


With proper maintenance and maintenance, a good Air Com […]

With proper maintenance and maintenance, a good Air Compressor will provide you with years of quality use and service. Proper maintenance will be the life of a compressor that can be used for many years and will smoke after a few months of use. In order to extend the life of the air compressor, please follow the tips below to get it right at the top. Linsheng explains:

The water in the tank is always drained - the receiver tank on the air compressor will collect moisture from the compressed air. If you live in a humid climate, the collection box will quickly accumulate water. Always ensure that the tank is drained after each use of the compressor. Before draining the water, be sure to relieve the pressure in the tank.

Clean the air intake - making your area compressors overworked is the biggest killer for most air compressors. As time passes, the air intake will become dirty and cause the air compressor to be de-energized. Therefore, always clean the air intake to extend the life of the air compressor.

Replace the air filter as needed - the air filter on the compressor is dirty and will bring to the compressor

Too much pressure and almost always shortens its service life. Therefore, always check the air filter and blow it off. Also, be sure to check and change it at least every six months.

Other types of maintenance - The following is a list of other types of maintenance that you should perform on a regional compressor on a regular basis to keep it in top condition:

Tighten all fasteners regularly

Check the hose regularly

Test safe shutdown system

Cleaning tank

Occasionally replace the compressor oil

Occasionally change the separator element

Clean heat exchanger


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