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Linsheng-LED Emergency Power Supply Next Step: Fusion + Intelligence


At present, the world economy is showing a positive mom […]

At present, the world economy is showing a positive momentum, and the LED industry is also showing unprecedented strides. Emergency lighting is closely related to personal safety and building safety, and has become the focus of urban development. It can be said that it is just the time to meet its needs. As the core of emergency lighting-emergency power, the response speed when the power is turned off, emergency lighting time, and battery capacity, etc., have an important impact on emergency power.

As the market segment is being continuously explored, where does the new application direction of the emergency power supply point? Linsheng analysis:

Multifunctional integration to improve urban emergency capabilities

In recent years, changes in product innovation of LED-powered companies can be seen as evidence of the evolution of China's LED industry.

In terms of luminaire installation, the compact housing saves space, and the moderate space requirements of the integrated drive provide greater freedom for luminaire designers. As a product used in industrial mines, squares, etc., in addition to satisfying the lighting function, LED power supplies also have emergency lighting functions of the same power to ensure that they can continue to work after power failure and ensure the safe evacuation of personnel.


The particularity of the emergency power supply is that it belongs to a hidden product. Many times he may not be in working condition, so this product is considered special.
Today's LED industry has been in line with the world and has accumulated strong growth momentum. Some people in the industry believe that LED emergency power supply should promote the construction of urban emergency response system with the concept of "standardization + emergency management", and realize the modernization of emergency response system and emergency capacity.

In the use of innovative products, keep pace with the times and actively explore. In the blueprint for building a smart city, emergency lighting is indispensable.


Many companies' understanding of emergency power may stay in the concept of driving power + battery. But for its internal technology, it is very demanding. In addition, China is relatively price sensitive and often feels that the length of the emergency time has little effect. Only when it is actually used is it important to realize the value of the product. At present, the industry does not have a complete technical standard in this regard.
In the current use of emergency power, there are probably two levels: first, awareness; companies recognize the necessity of emergency power, but have not yet risen to a certain level. The second is hardware. Many emergency power supply manufacturers have a weak sense of innovation, and the technical level of their core components is far behind the replacement of LED products. The uneven level of product quality has restricted the development of the industry.

The entire transformation of the industry is happening. At present, there are many types of emergency power supply on the market. Although some functions are very close to the standard, the actual circuit materials are very simplified, and the safety aspects are not enough.


Intelligent future of LED emergency power
With the evolution of cities, intelligent management of emergency power has also become the direction. The new generation of users who pay attention to the data-based experience, the remote monitoring and post-maintenance of the product have also brought about the change of competition rules. With the new urban needs, the future of wisdom runs through it.
Intelligentization is an important development direction, especially in the area of intelligent management. Future emergency power supply can realize remote monitoring. Can monitor the attenuation and life of each power emergency battery, prevent in advance, and assist in management. In particular, emergency power supplies on special occasions such as industrial and mining, such as the oil production racks of PetroChina and CNOOC, lighthouses on the seashore, have a large cost for later maintenance. At present, all the products we make have such ports, and new products are being developed.

With the rapid and comprehensive occupation of LED lamps by the market, the LED emergency power supply will also follow the wind in the future, and the future trend should rely on intelligent development.


The development direction of LED emergency power supply will also become more intelligent with the maturity of intelligent technology. In the application field of LED emergency power supply, we will pay more attention to the impact and role of Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing technologies on our emergency power supply applications. To achieve a more secure, efficient, and intelligent effect of emergency power in each future emergency. At the same time, it can also use cloud computing and other technologies to quickly respond to emergency power before an accident may occur, to achieve accurate warning and prevent accidents. .

The construction of the emergency power intelligent system has become a visible future and the most critical link in the enterprise product value chain. Real-time monitoring, advance prevention, and intelligent system stereo perception of the status and location of the power supply. By summarizing, analyzing, and processing the sensed data, it can promote the harmonious and efficient operation of key urban systems.

Each revolution in light source technology has brought new opportunities and spawned a new market structure. In the next decade, the global market capacity of smart city solutions is expected to grow by 13% annually-from less than $ 13 billion in 2017 to $ 28 billion in 2033 (estimated). The power of technology and innovation has more and more profoundly affected all levels of the LED industry, and the intelligent future opportunities of emergency power supply are highlighted.

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