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Linsheng Share Portable Jumper Starter Operation Guide


Using a portable car jump starter kit to get your car u […]

Using a portable car jump starter kit to get your car up and running quickly is easy: connect the plug and clips and start the engine! You don't need any prior knowledge. Just follow the simple steps given below and you can use it.


Step 1: Get ready


The first thing to do is to charge the portable jumper starter. I mean, having a best car jump starter and not charging, it is very lame. After that, another important thing is to store it in your car;


Step 2: Take precautions and read the user manual


Be sure to read the user manual provided with the portable starter before you actually begin this process. Make sure you know how specific models you have are recommended to clamp the alligator clip and how much voltage it produces on the output (matching the vehicle's battery voltage - almost 12 volts in all cases). If you are standing near any flammable source, do not use a portable car starter there. Even small sparks can cause a fire. We also recommend wearing goggles and clothing if possible.


Step 3: Start the jump from the portable jumper starter


Before connecting any wires or vehicle batteries, make sure the portable jumper starter is turned off. You also need to identify the positive (+) and negative (-) of the vehicle's battery. Once this is done, you are now ready to start the car and you can start using the jumper starter to connect the fixture.


First, connect the red alligator clip to the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery and the black alligator clip to any unpainted nut on the chassis (or the specified grounding wire - if found). However, if you are unable to connect it to a grounded source, you can connect it to the negative (-) terminal of the depleted battery. Next, turn on the portable car jump starter, which will immediately provide high amperage power to the dead battery. Now you can try to drive. Just try it once and don't turn the engine for more than 5 seconds. If you are unable to start the car successfully on the first attempt: Check that the clamp is securely connected to the terminal of the dead battery and wait approximately one minute before trying again. Hope, in the end, you have successfully started your car, cheering! Yahoo! you did it. Everything is fine, but now you have to remove the portable jump starter.


Step 4: Remove the portable car jump starter


Remove the portable jumper starter safely; first turn it off, then disconnect the black alligator clip from the ground source (nut or wire) or the negative terminal of the battery. Then disconnect the red clip from the positive terminal of the battery. Portable car starters can now be safely stored in your car. It is recommended that your car be on the road again after a period of inactivity; in the end, you are all ready to go on the road again. Driving safely and having a good trip!




Do not use the portable jumper starter when it is hot. Wait a while, let it cool before using it. If the portable charger is still hot even after waiting for a while, and it does not cool, do not use it and consider providing traction services or other assistance.


Check that the gadget is hot before plugging in; if the weather is hot, don't charge it and wait for it to cool down first.


Do not touch the inside of the alligator clips when the jump starter is open.


If you find that the portable car starter is inflated, stop using it immediately and discard it safely.


Always keep dry and moderate temperatures.


Make sure that no foreign objects enter the clips of the portable jumper starter.


Most jumper starters have a battery level indicator; if the battery level is below 30%, it is not recommended to use a jumper starter.


linsheng Friendly Tip: It is very important to put your portable car starter in a “dry and cool” place in the car, such as a glove box or a suitcase. Extreme weather (hot or cold) will shorten the life of the portable jumper starter.