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Notes on the Use of Emergency Lights


Emergency light usage: Lighting and discharge time: The […]

Emergency light usage:

Lighting and discharge time: The emergency light switch is located at the head of the handle, and the switch is illuminated by strong light (the continuous working time can be 10 hours); the second light switch is used for the second strong light (continuous lighting time is 14 hours); Press the switch three times for low light (continuous illumination time can be 20 hours); the fourth time the switch is closed, the emergency light returns to normal unused state.

Emergency light charging time introduction: This emergency light adopts lithium battery pack power supply mode, which can be recharged and recirculated to solve the trouble of daily battery replacement. It can be directly charged. When the battery is exhausted, the continuous charging time is about 8-10 hours. It is better; when the power is not exhausted, you can replenish the power for 2-4 hours at any time. When the charger is connected to the power supply, the indicator light is green. When the charger socket is connected to the emergency light, the indicator light is red, indicating that the charging starts normally. When the green light is turned on, the charging is completed.


1. Do not charge the battery after it has been exhausted for a long time. If it is not charged for a long time, the lithium battery pack will be damaged, which will affect the daily working and living lighting.

2. Always remove the luminaire and charge it in a safe place.

3. Wet cotton cloth must be used to wipe the surface of the emergency light in a special place.

4. If the lamp housing cracks indicate that the lamp is no longer suitable for use in an explosion-proof location, stop and replace it immediately.

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