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Part of the compressor classification


Compressed air as a power consumption of energy product […]

Compressed air as a power consumption of energy products, the scope of its application and industry is very wide, compressed air as an important energy source of industrial products, industrial products can be called the "source of life."
Compressor is a compression of gas volume and increase gas pressure and gas transmission machinery and equipment, the gas volume can be reduced, the pressure increased, with some kinetic energy, can be used as mechanical power or other purposes.
According to the compressed gas is different, the compressor can be divided into air compressor, oxygen compressor, ammonia compressor, natural gas compressor.
According to the installation category is divided into: piston compressor, rotary screw compressor, centrifugal compressor (motor drive) and so on.
Compressor gas in accordance with the way can be divided into: Positive displacement compressor and power compressor two categories. According to the structure and working principle, positive displacement compressors can be divided into reciprocating (piston type, diaphragm type) compressors and rotary type (vane type, screw type, rotor type) compressors; dynamic type compressors can be divided into shafts flow compressors, centrifugal compressors and Francis compressors.
Compression by the number of ways can be divided into: single-stage compressor, two-stage compressor, multi-stage compressor.
By cylinder arrangement can be divided into: vertical compressors, horizontal compressors, L-type compressors, V-type compressors, W-type compressors, fan-shaped compressor, M-type compressor, H-type compressor.
According to the cylinder arrangement method can be divided into: tandem compressor, parallel compressor, double compressor, symmetrical balanced compressor - the cylinder lying on the crankshaft crankshaft crankshaft cross each other on both sides of the shaft, arranged in H Type, D type, M type, the basic balance of inertia (large compressors are moving in this direction).