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Precautions When Charging The Jump Start


Maintaining a good car jump start charging habits, for […]

Maintaining a good car jump start charging habits, for the car jump start battery life has a certain help. Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum service life of the car jump start battery, it is recommended that you keep the battery fully charged before use. If it is not used for a long time, it should be charged and discharged every 3 months.

Car jump start is the most popular and hot type of ignition product in the current automotive supplies market. However, when the power of the jump start of the car needs to be charged after use, then we are charging the car jump start. What should you pay attention to?

First, when the car jump start charging, you should use a good plug and row and charge, so as to ensure the charging effect of the car jump start.

Second, when the multi-function car jump start is used to charge the DC power of the car, it is best not to drive the car, otherwise it may cause the product to be fully charged.

Three if the battery of the jump start of the car is a lithium polymer battery, when charging, the charger with overcurrent protection should be used for charging. Otherwise, it may not be used normally or the service life may be reduced.

Fourth, when charging the car jump start, it is necessary to select a good quality charger, it is best to directly use the charger produced by its car jump start manufacturer. Because they are professionally produced car jump start supplies, they are more professional and the chargers produced are safer.

Fifth lithium polymer vehicle jump start after the charging is completed, the indicator light should be turned off, left to stand for 1 hour, and then the battery voltage is checked to meet the requirements.

Sixth, maintenance-free lead-acid battery car jump start When using the battery for the first time, it is recommended to discharge and charge for a long time, which is helpful for extending the battery life of the jump satrt.

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