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Questions about LED power and LED emergency power supply


LED light source is a DC light source, which itself dri […]

LED light source is a DC light source, which itself drives power (constant current source), when the mains start, AC input, DC output, start LED light source electricity.
1, some LED emergency power products, power outages after the battery storage power inverter 220V, equivalent to the continuation of electricity, then the drive power is necessary to exist.
2, part of the LED emergency power products, the output after the power outage is a DC low voltage, GM in the 20 --- 80V between the automatic adjustment, if the LED light source in the city when the need for lighting, power failure also need lighting, then the drive power Is necessary to exist. If used for single emergency lighting, you can consider the elimination of constant current source drive, the current demand is not the mainstream market;
3, the mains lighting process, the emergency power supply in a steady stream to the battery pack, electricity state, it will not drive the lighting; battery pack saturation, the emergency power supply charge current into the trickle or micro-charge state , Make up the battery pack of self-discharge, emergency power supply does not affect the LED light source of the normal lighting function;
4, simply used for emergency lighting of the light source, can not drive constant current source. Provided that the state of electricity does not need lighting, only when the power failure, and emergency power supply for the constant voltage output, and LED structure (series or parallel lamp beads) coincide. This situation must be fully understood before buying;
5, if the user out of curiosity, unauthorized to cancel the drive power, directly to the LED light source installed in the LED emergency power output port, the most likely situation is that LED emergency power output high voltage (110V or 220V) will burn light board or lamp beads .
6, due to a lot of limitations, drive power and emergency power can not be integrated in the same board. And it is critical that the power source for emergency lighting after power failure is still too small, and by power, structure and other factors, for the integrated power board is not yet mature.