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Spotlight Company From China-How To Buy: Handheld Spotlight


Hand-held spotlights are one of the useful outdoor tool […]

Hand-held spotlights are one of the useful outdoor tools you can use for housework, such as tracking injured deer and finding your favorite night fishing spot.
When darkness falls on your campsite, hunting room or fishing spot, nothing is more useful than holding a spotlight. Just toggle the switch or pull the trigger, you can immediately illuminate the objects illuminated from far and near, regardless of distance. The truth is that you may need multiple handheld spotlights because different lights are more suitable for different uses. Fortunately, because of the various brightness levels and effective ranges, there are one or two perfect spotlights for you. In order to make a good choice, please ask yourself three questions: how bright light you need, which power supply you want to use and the size of the handheld spotlight that is most suitable for use.



The brightness of a spotlight (many people think that the most important factor in choosing a lamp) is usually measured in lumens. By definition, lumens are "units of luminous flux in the International System of Units, which is equal to the amount of light emitted by a Candela-intensity light source that passes through a solid angle equally in all directions." Although that may not be very useful, be aware that the higher the lumen, the brighter the beam. On spotlights, the lumen rating is usually indicated by the lamp itself and the bulb used. Generally, the higher the lumen level, the higher the price you will pay. But please note that brightening is not always better. If you want to see something clearly at a long distance, it is best to use a very bright flashlight. But really bright lights make other chores more difficult. For example, when blood flows through the deer's tail, too bright light will wash away everything it shines, making blood drops visible under dim light.



Energy source

How you want to power the spotlight is also an important factor. Most batteries use a replaceable battery, a rechargeable battery, or a vehicle's 12-volt battery through a cigarette adapter. Each type has trade-offs. Replaceable battery spotlights are usually not so powerful and therefore not so bright. However, when the battery runs out, you only need to replace it and move on. Rechargeable battery lights are usually lighter and brighter than replaceable battery lights, but once the battery is dead, you will fall into darkness. A lamp that runs out of vehicle battery power is very rugged and easy to use, but it can only be used a few feet away from the vehicle. Please consider how and where to use the light to choose the best power supply.




Depending on another important factor you plan to use, size can determine whether you like or dislike spotlights. If you plan to bring the light back to the wilderness for a few miles, then definitely smaller. On the other hand, if you want to tow it in the vehicle and store it in an emergency, a very large flashlight may meet your needs. Finally, choose the size that best suits the spotlight you use most of the time.



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