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Strengthen gas management, the rational use of compressed air


Air compressor stations to implement gas and gas manage […]

Air compressor stations to implement gas and gas management, gas stations to be installed on the gas meter, gas statistics on a timely basis, gas consumption, and the development of indicators of assessment. Reasonable use of compressed air, reducing gas consumption, can be considered from the following four aspects:
(1) The whole gas pressure. At present, there are many factories in the exhaust pressure and the production process does not meet the issue of the discharge pressure is often higher than the actual needs of the pressure should be adjusted. Test shows that: the compressor at full load, the exhaust pressure is reduced 0.1MPa, the motor input power can be reduced 5-8%.
(2) Change the continuous air supply to intermittent air supply. Some companies do not match the gas supply and gas consumption, continuous operation of the compressor and the process intermittent gas, the compressor often idling or emptying, waste of electricity. In this case, the compressor can be shut off regularly according to the need of gas or a large gas tank can be set up.
(3) Reasonably arrange compressor operation. In the case of several compressors working in parallel, a diagram of the economic operation of the compressor station should be made in order to minimize power consumption. The power consumption characteristics of compressors running alone or in parallel should be determined by testing or statistics. The most economical combination of compressors should be specified to operate for the longest time, while the least efficient compressors should be used only for load regulation purposes. According to the different gas pressure, choose different exhaust pressure combination, so that the best use of equipment to improve the operating efficiency.
(4) Increase the load factor of the compressor. As the selected compressor rated displacement and gas consumption does not match, resulting in a low motor load, you can consider using the governor to adjust.