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Teach you how to choose qualified fire emergency lighting


In the selection of fire emergency lights, according to […]

In the selection of fire emergency lights, according to the characteristics of the building and the situation of fire power for a reasonable selection.On the new construction, in particular, there are fire control room of the project, should be as much as possible in the construction of uniform wiring, the use of set control type; on the lazy layout of small buildings may be on the late rectification of the emergency lighting, usually picking own power Independent control type.
In the conduct of quality checks,
(1) should first look at the appearance of qualified lighting should be text, symbols and symbols clear and complete, the appearance of no corrosion, coating peeling and blistering appearance, no significant scratches, cracks, burrs and other mechanical damage, fastening parts Loose, the use of instructions completely;
(2) followed by the relevant function of the view, mainly to view the battery function and lamp voltage conversion work conditions. Qualified lamps of their battery capacity should continue to discharge more than 90 minutes from the main power situation into the emergency situation, the main voltage should be in the range of 132 ~ 187 volts;
(3) Then look at the business production operations is not complete. Fire emergency lighting is a professional strong, demanding high standards of lighting, production and sale of the company must have a sound procedures and operating talent, to have a product certificate, the product registration certificate and the year of the goods to view the statement, where Unlicensed operations are illegal, the quality of their goods is not guaranteed. In addition, in the purchase should pay attention to the fire emergency lighting and ordinary civilian emergency lighting to distinguish between the selection of veritable fire emergency lighting.log on to our official website for more details :