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The importance of optical design


Comprehensive consideration: good heat dissipation desi […]

Comprehensive consideration: good heat dissipation design, preferably under 35 temperature rise. The temperature is below 80. Over 50000 of theoretical life.

From the perspective of product cost, the cost of LED emergency power supply high power is higher than that of low power cost, this from two aspects, one is the LED itself cost, two is a high power LED with aluminum fins, small power as long as the ordinary circuit board, and the natural heat can meet the requirements.

Many people know that LED is cold light emitting body temperature should be understood not literally, in fact this is not the case, LED emergency power supply for fluorescent lamp, cold light source does not mean there is no temperature, but most are relatively light cold light source. LED when normal work, will have its own heat, the size of the heat and the power of LED itself is proportional to, that is to say, the greater the power of a single LED, the work of the heat issue more.

From the day after the cost of maintenance products, if our lamp is in trouble, you can find any home appliance repair shop to replace the damaged LED, a 0.06W LED cost up to 1 yuan, plus the maintenance fee is not more than 5 yuan, if the replacement of 1 1W LED, LED cost will be 8 yuan, plus maintenance costs will be around 15 yuan. Relatively speaking, the small power LED market, any one of the electronic market can be purchased, and high power is not necessarily where you can buy.

Most of the thermal design can only focus on selection of cooling area, beads, thermal contact resistance, heat radiation. Almost desperate.log on to our official website for more details :