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The Instructions and Precautions of Air Compressor for the Car


Air compressor for the car is also called an inflator, […]

Air compressor for the car is also called an inflator, an air pump, and an air pump, and it works by the operation of the internal motor. Principle: When the motor is running, the valve of the communicating device is flushed by the atmospheric pressure, the gas enters the gas cylinder, and when the gas is pumped into the tire, the valve is closed by the gas pressure in the gas cylinder, and the gas enters the tire, which can also be used the principle of atmospheric pressure is used to inflate the car, the ball, and the rubber boat.

Air compressor for the car instructions for use:

Insert the power plug of the inflator into the cigarette lighter socket of the car; screw the tire on the tire into the mouth of the tire; press the power switch to start the inflation; turn off the power switch when the inflation pressure reaches the specified pressure value of the tire. Tying the tire inflation joint out of the tire's gas nozzle.

Air compressor for the Car precautions:

When using, please don't turn off the car engine, otherwise it may consume the storage capacity of the car battery; You can only inflate the tire according to the tire pressure; In the process of inflation, do not bend the gas pipe; It is recommended that a continuous use time not exceed 1 hour After reaching 1 hour, turn off and cool it for at least 20 minutes before use. If it is kept in a safe place, if it is not used for a long time, it must be stored in a dry and closed place to avoid contact with children; do not let this product close to flammable liquids. And gas.

If you make unusual noises or the temperature is too high, turn off immediately and allow it to cool for at least 30 minutes. Improper use may damage this product. Keep it clean for maximum safety performance and output performance. Regularly check the product and Accessories, if damaged, should be repaired by a professional; do not insert the trachea into the mouth or ears of the person or animal, inflate it in the ears or eyes, and do not use it as a toy; for your own safety, use the inflator as required. The accessories, which are not mentioned in the manual, may cause danger to users.

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