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The main way to improve compressor electrical energy utilization


Air compressor is used to increase the pressure of gas […]

Air compressor is used to increase the pressure of gas to facilitate the delivery and increase the pressure of gas to meet the production process or power equipment needs of a special machine. In manufacturing industries such as ceramics, glass, toys, garments, machinery and plastics, most of them need to use air compressors of 10 m 3 / min or more and even need to operate multiple units in order to meet their production needs. Practice has proved that, select, make good use of compressor units, users will be able to save energy, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.
Improve the compressor operating conditions, pay attention to improving the compressor operating conditions, rational layout of pipes, minimize drag losses, and enhance maintenance and gas management.
(1) to improve the inspiratory conditions. The first intake pipe design should have sufficient cross-sectional area (for air, the flow rate does not exceed 10-12 m / s), the pipe should be as short as possible, and should not have sharp turns, there should be no shrinkage and redundant accessories; Second is to reduce the intake air temperature can increase the actual compressor intake, but also reduce the specific power consumption of the compressor. Compressor suction outlet should be located in the outdoor shade, if necessary, take a shower to cool the way; In addition, the piston machine, the choice of high thermal conductivity, easy to clean cooler, the cooler to be cleaned regularly. Practice shows that each reduction of intake air temperature of 3 degrees, after a reduction of about 1% power consumption.
(2) reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline. When designing or installing pipelines, pipe lengths should be shortened as much as possible to reduce unnecessary pipe fittings such as tees, elbows, valves, etc., to reduce pipe bends or to use elbows with a smaller radius of curvature. Pipeline filter should be small and easy to exclude dirt, pipe cross-sectional size should be so that the air flow rate is not too much, if the air flow Qm3 / min, the diameter of D> 20√Q mm. General air does not exceed 8-10 m / s. In addition, to reduce gas leakage loss. Compressor at all levels and the formation of pressure difference between the outside world, may be through piston rings, valves, packing leaks and other less stringent, resulting in the loss of displacement, resulting in increased power consumption.