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The status and function of emergency power supply


As we all know, EPS as a backup emergency power supply, […]

As we all know, EPS as a backup emergency power supply, the industry in China's construction industry from scratch, from weak to strong, has been developed for more than a decade, fully demonstrated the irresistible momentum of development. However, so far, there are still many design experts on the status and role of EPS kept on the head, the views, different opinions, indicating that EPS in the development process there are many aspects of unsatisfactory. Put aside the factors of vicious competition aside, awareness and concept there are still many shortcomings. I personally think that the most unfavorable to the healthy development of EPS industry awareness of two points: First, too much emphasis on the status and role of EPS; Second, too much disregard of the status and role of EPS.
Excessive emphasis on its status and role means that some people are too dependent on EPS, that EPS can replace the diesel generator or the second road network power. In fact, this is an incorrect point of view. EPS is just an emergency power supply. Since it belongs to the power storage type emergency power supply instead of the power generation type backup power source, the space size and the installed investment amount of the power storage device determine that it is not suitable for use as a large capacity second power source. So the designer, the user should not choose EPS as a large capacity second power supply. Of course, if the total capacity of a power system with a large capacity and a small load, according to the total capacity of the second line of electricity caused by the power lines, high pressure systems, low voltage systems and lines, such as the initial investment and EPS system Compared to very uneconomical, this time by a load capacity to choose EPS as a centralized second power supply is still very wise.
Overestimated the historical status and role of EPS refers to a few people still on the EPS negative or skeptical, that its development and growth is purely man-made speculation. This is also an unscientific understanding. As a historic new product, EPS shows tenacious vitality, proving the needs of the times. In fact, EPS in the alternative to traditional products, to solve the power shortage, security precautions, to ensure continuous operation and other aspects of the power supply is indeed difficult to play an important role. Many construction projects due to the installation of EPS equipment, both to eliminate the hidden dangers of fire safety, but also reduce the inspection and acceptance of unqualified trouble, but also reduces the comprehensive investment. This year the first month of the fifteen winds in many places caused a power outage, usually installed EPS system as a backup power sector, its production and office will not be paralyzed. In the banks, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, hotels and other places, there are EPS system and no EPS system in stark contrast. In this case, all the opinions about the EPS are all redundant, is the so-called fact is better than eloquence. It can be said that the existence and development of EPS are scientific. Excessive or excessive attention to the status and role of EPS are unscientific. The latest national standards promulgated, to give a new mission to the EPS, EPS industry has emerged a new space for development. Of course, for various reasons, will make the EPS industry quality crisis and vicious competition more widespread, in this case, the designer, the user, the manager is more important, but also need to adhere to the scientific concept of development.