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Understand The Performance Characteristics Of Emergency Lights


An emergency light is a device that has a powerful ligh […]

An emergency light is a device that has a powerful light source and a concave mirror that focuses light in a particular direction for long-range illumination and search. Larger light intensities can be achieved by focusing the exiting beam in a small solid angle (typically less than 2 degrees) by means of a mirror or lens. Considering the size, weight and ease of operation of the device, most emergency lights are equipped with a tripod or a movable carrier, and large searchlights even have a dedicated truck as a carrier.

Emergency lights are used in various flammable and explosive places such as Tiantian, Metallurgy, Tianlu, Electric, Public Security, Petrochemical, etc. We know that the brightness of emergency lights is very high, and the illumination distance is long. With the progress of the times, all walks of life The requirements for emergency lights are becoming more and more strict. We need to develop searchlights with higher brightness, longer life and less energy consumption, and also need to be portable, beautiful, easy to use, and better in explosion-proof performance.

Emergency light features:

1. Flexible and light: Rotary switch glare and working light can be converted freely. Carrying a leather back pocket on the shoulder, plus a car charger.

2. Waterproof and anti-fall: The structure is optimized by design, and the material is made of imported bullet-proof rubber material to ensure that the product can work under water 50 meters, and the drop resistance reaches 1 meter high and falls without damage.

3. High efficiency and energy saving: high luminous efficiency, long life, strong anti-vibration, soft light collection, special ultra-capacity battery pack for battery, no memory, long cycle life, intelligent over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, environmental protection and pollution-free, LED light source with tail .

4. Intelligent charging: The charger adopts chip control charging, high reliability, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charge and charging status indication.

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