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What are the causes of the air compressor jump?


The temperature rise in July, followed by heat, is also […]

The temperature rise in July, followed by heat, is also a high incidence of various fires. Air pressure work will produce a lot of high temperature, but because of its self-protection mechanism, it will cause the air compressor to jump, that is, the air compressor is overloaded, the protector is disconnected, the air compressor is stopped. Air compressor can not work properly, the biggest impact is to delay production work, resulting in great losses. There are many reasons for the air compressor to jump. When the fault occurs, it should first find out the cause of the trouble and solve it accordingly.
First, start with pressure. The on-site inspection of air compressor oil gas barrel pressure gauge, such as pressure gauge pressure is shown, the preliminary determination may exist in the system is not fully release the pressure, resulting in compressor with pressure start, leads to the starting current caused by too high to protect the air switch trip unit.
Second 、 electrical equipment failure. Many users are using the low voltage motor 380V, using cm-pvs step-down startup, pre run by star, when starting 10s, air compressor running up into triangle operation mode. If the star delta switch is out of order, the normal star delta conversion cannot be performed, which will cause the compressor to start the 10s after the jump. In addition, the starting time of the air switch is shorter due to vibration and other reasons during the use of the air switch, which may also lead to the start of an instantaneous jump.
Third. High temperature jump caused by lubricating oil. There is a temperature probe temperature bypass valve sliding spool, spool by the probe to control the on-off control, determine the bypass valve is opened at a temperature of 70 + 10 DEG C; after long-term use of the probe effect, not in the normal temperature, the screw air compressor out from the body with hot oil or not all the air compressor oil cooler cooling directly back to the body, so that the air compressor can not effectively control the temperature. The lubricating oil with impurity passes through the temperature control valve to slide the sliding core, so that the valve core can not be completely closed, and the oil is not directly passed through the bypass to the machine, and the cooling effect is not good.
Fourth compressor overload. Screw compressor head excessive resistance, will cause compressor start current is too large, that is, compressor overload, lead to air switch trip. Essential oil in screw type air compressor in, its function mainly manifests in four aspects: lubrication, cooling, sealing, noise reduction, and directly affects the normal operation and the service life of the compressor oil quality and quantity of the oil, especially on the head part of the compressor's influence obviously.
Fifth 、 unloading valve fault. The unloading valve is an important part of the screw air compressor, including permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor. Its main function is to control the loading and unloading of the compressor, that is to say, to control the air intake of the compressor.
The air compressor jumps frequently in the summer, and maintains a dry and ventilated working environment, just as people need a comfortable environment when working, so that the work efficiency of the machine can be improved.