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What are the precautions and precautions for fire emergency lighting?


Fire emergency lights we should be no stranger, it sudd […]

Fire emergency lights we should be no stranger, it suddenly power failure, fire and other circumstances will automatically light up, it is in the critical moment of the "help" lights. Want it to play the role to understand it, but many people should not have carefully studied it, the following everyone to look at the fire emergency lights, emergency evacuation lights use and precautions.
First, use:
1, emergency lights with plug, plug into the socket can be charged.
2, connected to the main power of the green light indicator, full of red when the indicator light is off, the emergency lights in a wait state, press the panel "test" button, emergency lights should be able to immediately light up.
3, when the power failure when the emergency lights will automatically light up.
Second, the use of precautions
1, the user in the installation of emergency evacuation indicator light, you must read the instructions in detail, and then turn on the AC power to the LED fire emergency lights to charge;
2, the AC voltage 220V can be connected to the power supply, the main power, charging indicator light, press the lamp "test" button, the main power, charging light is off, and the light is light emergency work often.
3, the normal use, if found yellow fault light, it means that the lamp failure should be promptly repaired.
4, the safety of the main light source should be a separate switch control, free from ordinary lighting and other electrical power control switch.
5, the lamp with nickel-cadmium batteries, fire emergency lights at the factory, the battery is venting state, the use of the proposed prior to the lighting should be about 18 hours to activate the battery within the chemical substances to extend the life of the lamp ;
6,  lamps carrying maintenance-free function; when the discharge time is less than 50% of the rated time, emergency response lamps should replace the battery. Replace the battery model, polarity and capacity.
7, the user in the installation of the use of fire emergency evacuation lights, must be in accordance with the provisions of the ground signs in the safe grounding.
8, replace the LED light source, should contact the manufacturer.