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What is the market prospect of LED emergency lights?


LED hand emergency lamp light, convenient, do not rely […]

LED hand emergency lamp light, convenient, do not rely on the external power supply, also do not need batteries, will not cause environmental pollution due to waste batteries, hand to lighting, shake for 5 minutes 1 hours lighting, full power can be more than 20 hours of continuous illumination. The LED hand light, which is transported to the disaster area, uses 5 white and 4 red LED as light sources. White light is used for lighting, red light is used for alarming, and the utility model is particularly suitable for the case that the disaster area can not normally supply power. At present, these high-tech lighting products are playing an important role in the earthquake relief work in the disaster areas, and have brought great convenience to the search and rescue work. It will continue to play an important role in minimizing the losses caused by disasters and helping the people in the disaster areas to finally overcome the disaster.
In the lighting industry, emergency lighting lamp is a very special, it is related to people's lives and property and social security, therefore, has been the emergency light market has been an important market in the lighting field, the number of sales in increasing every year. As the industry access threshold is not high, there are hundreds of emergency light manufacturers throughout the country, the competition is more intense. In recent years, the use of LED lighting technology LED hand lamp gradually mature, compared to other emergency lighting, the advantages are gradually reflected. As a fast all-weather emergency lighting equipment, it has been widely used in outdoor travel, field operations, border checkpoints, mountain grassland, travel out and sudden disaster and other lighting applications.log on to our website for more details :