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What Kind of Jump Starter Should I Get


Two main types of jumpers are jumper boxes and plug-in […]

Two main types of jumpers are jumper boxes and plug-in units. The jump box is basically a sealed, maintenance-free battery with a jumper on it, the plug unit is essentially a battery charger that provides a huge amperage of the starter motor when the engine is started.

If you only need to start the car at home, then the combination of charger or jumper launcher is a good choice. Otherwise you will want to see the jump box. Of course, this is only a big part..

Most drip chargers provide 2 to 10 amps, many of which have multiple settings. This is because the battery life is usually better by providing lower current strength to provide slower power, but waiting for the 2 amp trickle charger to complete its work is not always convenient. Likewise, some battery chargers have a "start" setting that provides higher current intensity. Depending on the degree of battery death, you can even turn on the charger, select the "Start" setting and start the engine immediately.

While it is convenient to start your setup from some of the chargers or jump boxes, it is not very good for your charging system. Since modern alternators are not designed to charge a complete dead battery, forcing a battery can shorten its useful life. If you have a charger on hand, you can wait for a period of time to complete your work, then you can save your expensive alternator maintenance costs online.

The main drawback of using a jump box is that driving with a dead battery is not a good alternator. If you have a jumping battery jump, then just drive the habit in the city, you can artificially shorten the life of the alternator. The problem is that the modern alternator requires the battery's 12V input to work properly and the battery charge can not be provided. In addition, in order to keep the charge, you need more work to charge the dead battery, and the alternator is actually only designed to have charge maintenance.

Because plug-in starters and portable devices each have their own strengths and weaknesses, you may want to consider using one of them. If you can only afford it, that portable unit may be the way to go, just because you can use it casually. However, pairing the portable device with the charger / jumper starter means that you can charge the battery after you go home, which saves you money and headache.