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Why air compressor head stuck?


Air compressor air compressor head stuck in the operati […]

Air compressor air compressor head stuck in the operation usually occurs. When the air compressor head stuck stuck, you must first motor and the head off, turn the head alone to confirm whether the stuck (normal hand head can be rotated), this fault is a serious fault, Suggest that the user do not disassemble, the timely contact with the technical center to determine the repair program. The stuck for the following reasons:
1, Poor exhaust end of the gap. Users generally use two heavy-duty workday, the occurrence of stuck situation, failure in the dismantling through the measurement gap value should be easy to determine.
2, The problem of oil quality. Because the oil is not timely, poor quality, mixed with oil or oil dirty and other causes of bad head cooling, carbon coke rotor and the chassis sintered together, occurred in the rotor exhaust end and the shell or rotor shaft Round hole with the chassis parts.
3, Poor head end of the intake gap stuck. The air inlet with the naked eye can see whether the intake end of the sintering phenomenon, the failure of the exhaust end of the positioning bearing wear is too large, the intake end of the axial displacement caused by the intake side of the gap is too small, generally common in self-repair Nose, positioning nut tightening torque is not appropriate.
4, Reversal stuck. Inversion, the thrust generated by the compressed air will push the rotor toward the exhaust end, resulting in metal contact sintering and stuck, so generally only in the protection of failure, or replace the motor wiring, replace the switch occurs.
5, Foreign body stuck stuck. Foreign body inhalation from the air inlet, resulting in stuck.