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Yuyao Linsheng-Application Features Of 3 Air Compressors


Air compressor type The basic principle of understandin […]

Air compressor type
The basic principle of understanding the working principle of gears is not only applicable to reducers. Everyone will benefit from knowing the technology.

1. Reciprocating piston compressor
Reciprocating piston compressors are the most widely used. Just like your car's engine, the internal crankshaft drives the piston in the cylinder in a reciprocating motion, creating a vacuum that draws in air when retracted and pushes it into the tank when extended.

Because the internal components are in contact with each other, these compressors produce friction and are louder and louder than other types of air compressors when operating. However, newer technologies such as oil-free and dual-piston compressors can reduce the overheating and noise associated with piston compressors.


2. Rotating screw in rotary compressor

Rotary screw technology is a trusted main product in the automotive industry and is used in heavy-duty applications that require high power for long periods of time. Just like supercharged hot rods, these compressors are ideal for maximizing intake air and maximizing expenditure. When air enters the sealed chamber, the air is squeezed between two (spiral opposed) male and female rotating screws.

When the screws engage with each other, they reduce the amount of air trapped and compress the compressed air at the appropriate pressure level. Unlike reciprocating piston compressors, rotating screw rotors are not in contact and have fewer moving parts, and because they are oil-sealed, they require much less maintenance over time.


3. Rolling scroll air compressor

Scroll compressors use two helical circular parts that rotate around each other to compress air. One scroll is fixed in a stationary position, and the other scroll is fixed inside the scroll and moves in a tight circular motion without rotating.

Scroll compressor technology is everywhere. From refrigeration to electronics manufacturing, and even turbochargers in high-efficiency vehicles, they have a wide range of applications.

Moreover, these compressors are capable of producing the cleanest industry standard air according to ISO standards. These ratings make it 100% oil-free and operate quietly, making it ideal for use in the electronics, pharmaceutical, dental and food industries.


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