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Yuyao Linsheng Guidance: Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Maintenance Methods


Yuyao Linsheng has been committed to the production and […]

Yuyao Linsheng has been committed to the production and sales of automotive air compressors for automotive air compressors for many years. It has its own laboratory and the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality. We will analyze the air compressor troubleshooting and repair methods in detail today.

The cause of the failure of the air compressor discharge and the maintenance method:

Fault: Air compressor discharge is reduced:

1, the cause of the failure: lack of oil

The reduction in exhaust volume is directly related to lack of oil. Once we were in production, the air compressor had a problem of reduced exhaust gas volume, which not only failed to raise and lower the press roller of the printing press, but also accompanied by a certain knocking sound.

Maintenance method: We first inspect the air muffler and clean it, then observe the oil level, find that the oil level is lower than 1/3 oil level, immediately add the same grade of oil, then start the power switch, try to open There is still a percussion. Later, the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, and cylinder of the moving mechanism components were dismantled and inspected. It was found that the crankshaft had cracks, and it was seen that it was broken quickly. It must have been short of oil for some time. Due to lack of oil, the moving parts are dryly rubbed, and the overload operation causes the parts to be damaged to varying degrees. We cleaned and grinded the moving parts of the damage, severely replaced them, reinstalled and tested the machine, the knocking sound disappeared, and the displacement was normal. It can be seen that the oil is absolutely indispensable, otherwise it will be endless. 2, the cause of the failure: air silencer filter and air valve tightness is not good Maintenance method: the reduction of the exhaust volume is also related to the tightness of the air noise filter and the air valve. The air noise filter must be cleaned up. Cleaning the dirt on the valve plate and the valve plate is beneficial to the car air compressor to ensure the normal exhaust volume. The filter should be cleaned every 200 hours under normal conditions, and the gas valve should be cleaned every 500 to 800 hours.

3, the cause of the failure: the quality of the lubricant is not good

Maintenance method: Poor quality of the lubricant will cause the piston ring to be sucked, thus reducing the amount of exhaust. Therefore, you should choose a high quality lubricant. After long-term work, the lubricant will contain impurities, dust, etc., so it is also filtered. Generally, the oil should be replaced every 500 to 800 hours, and the oil used in the previous time should be filtered.

4, the cause of the failure: the exhaust temperature is too high

Maintenance method: Excessively high exhaust gas temperature will also cause the piston ring to be sucked, resulting in a decrease in exhaust gas volume. As long as the temperature is lowered, the problem can be solved. There are two points to note here: (1) The ambient temperature should not be too high, generally not exceeding 40 °C. (2) If the gas valve leaks, the discharged high temperature gas will return to the cylinder. At this time, we should carefully check the gas valve, grind the valve plate or replace the valve plate to eliminate the air leakage phenomenon, so that it is possible to solve the problem of high temperature.

The quality of automotive air compressors is directly related to the safety of driving and the personal safety of drivers. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality automotive air pump manufacturers. We thank you for your attention. In the next issue, we will continue to bring you knowledge of air compressors!