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Yuyao Linsheng - How To Buy An Excellent Car Air Pump?


It is a pleasant thing to travel by car. In daily life, […]

It is a pleasant thing to travel by car. In daily life, there is often a shortage of car tire pressure. It is not easy to find a place that can be inflated at this time. Therefore, many owners will carry a portable air pump with the car. There are many kinds of car air pump on the market, and there are many functions. How to choose the one that suits your needs? Yuyao Linsheng teaches you how to buy an excellent car air pump, the following points need to pay attention to!

When the car air pump is purchased, it depends on the complete set of equipment, and whether the accessories are sufficient. In addition to the main engine, some accessories can provide assistance while the tire is inflated, such as lighting system, if it is refilled at night or in places with insufficient light. Very useful, there are also inflatable nozzles or inflatable tubes, tools for repairing vehicles, and so on.

The car air pump is also selected according to its own model. At present, the car air pump on the market is mainly divided into two types of horizontal bar and parallel bar. The disadvantage of the air pump of the horizontal bar is that the air pressure is insufficient, the inflation time is long, and the large body is not suitable for use. But the price will be cheaper. The parallel pump's air pump does not have the above disadvantages compared with the horizontal bar. The price is slightly higher, the range of use is wider, and the small and large vehicles are suitable. If the economy allows, the parallel bars should be purchased as much as possible.

In addition, the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge of the car air pump should also be noted. In order to accurately the inflation data, the accuracy is very important. The tire pressure gauge of the big brand generally adopts the embedded integrated design to avoid the impact and looseness of the tire pressure gauge. The accuracy of the measured data.

To summarize some of the above points, I hope you can refer to:

Several aspects to start:

First of all, look at the power, small cars can choose low-power horizontal bar, cheap and power-saving, enough to use; but large SUVs and other off-road vehicles, medium and large cars need to use parallel bars high-power air pump, otherwise the inflation is very slow And it costs electricity.

Secondly, look at the inflation speed, the inflation speed is more than 35L per minute. This is very important. For the riders who are in a hurry, suddenly there is a sudden situation. As a result, they are inflated with their own car air pump. The result is speedy. It is a very painful thing.

Third, see if the car air pump function is comprehensive. For example, emergency LED lighting, etc., so it is very useful when inflating at night, and can be a good flashlight, a multi-purpose machine. It can also be used as a warning light, which can flash and flash to remind the rear vehicle to avoid it.

Fourth, choose the pumping interface of pure copper. The good quality car air pump is a pure copper joint, which is durable and can be used even if it is accidentally stepped on.

Fifth, select an air pump with a groove that has a special line. The air pump line is generally long, about 3 meters. If it is easily stowed, it will easily lead to premature aging damage. Therefore, if the air pump has a groove for collecting the line, it will be much better, which can greatly extend the life of the line.

First of all, we must know that the two-cylinder air pump can reach the normal tire pressure in a few minutes, anti-scald heat sink, safer to use, the silver part of the fuselage is chrome-plated material, high quality and protective bar to protect the motor safety!

There is also a sense of visual stereoscopicity. The unique design makes the product more vital. The safe current can be directly inserted into the cigarette lighter of the car. It uses the more cool golden triangle design of the safer golden triangle. The one-button switch button is super convenient. Visual precision pointer operation is minimal, the inflatable hose is prepared, the safety will not break, and the inflation is more accurate!

This kind of air pump that does not occupy space is quite convenient, can make the car tire maintain the correct tire pressure at any time, save the car dye, ensure the safety of driving, and the use is very wide, the use is super convenient, placed in the trunk, the endless use!

The air pump is used in a wide range of applications. Since then, when your car suddenly becomes mad, you don't have to go back to your destination, and you can rely on it!

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