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Spotlight Company: The Basic Guide For Choosing LED Spotlights


When buying a spotlight, whether it's indoors or outdoo […]

When buying a spotlight, whether it's indoors or outdoors, it's important to know all the different options before you buy. Spotlights have become very popular over the past decade and are now used in a wide variety of applications. There are many options for buying bulbs and accessories, and familiarizing yourself with these differences will help you save time and choose the time that suits your specific needs.

Whether you are highlighting sculptures in the living room or providing work lights on an outdoor grill, you should choose a spotlight source for your specific application. The following are some common types and uses of spotlights. Yuyao Lin Sheng explains:

Wall and ceiling spotlight

Wall and ceiling spotlights provide decorative lighting to showcase artwork and cutlery. They are also suitable for work lighting in kitchen food preparation areas or office desk spaces.

Outdoor spotlight

Motion detection and automatic timers can be added to the outdoor spotlight. These automation features are ideal for outdoor lighting to increase safety outside the home. They provide guests with secure home entrance navigation. Auto outdoor spotlights also help stop the shackles and make your home appear when you are away.

Outdoor solar spotlight

Solar spotlights are often used with motion detection technology. These lighting fixtures can easily and safely illuminate the front door, the trail, the backyard and the garage.

Uplight Spotlight

Usually used to highlight or highlight frame art works, murals and sculptures to get an art gallery effect.

Pool and hot tub spotlights

In addition to underwater spotlights in swimming pools and hot tubs, the installation of spotlights outside the pool or bathtub is also becoming more popular. In addition to creating a festive atmosphere, these lights also provide accent lighting to provide additional security for the area.

Spotlight fittings and housing

It is important to know what type of spotlight enclosure you have to determine the type of bulb you need. The spotlight housing can be a track strip or a single spotlight bracket. If you have a closed bracket or housing, choosing the right bulb size is critical.

In addition to the housing, spotlights and accessories, there are three basic types. Most spotlights use push-in or click-lock type accessories where the light bulb will be pushed into the accessory and then clicked when locked in place. Incandescent bulbs are usually mounted by screwing in with the screw fittings. Bayonet fittings are typically used for fluorescent tube lighting, and the bulbs contain two small metal rails at each end that slide into the bayonet fitting to lock it in place.

Select LED outdoor spotlights on halogen spotlights

As we all know, the popular choice for outdoor spotlights is LED. Here are some of the reasons why most homeowners prefer LED spotlights instead of halogens:

Reduce heat and increase energy efficiency

Halogen spotlights emit a lot of heat and become hot when touched. They are not as durable or energy efficient as LED bulbs. The LED spotlight has an average reflector temperature of 70 ° C and is safe to touch. In addition, less heat is generated, which means less energy was wasted, helping you save on electricity bills.

Longer life

Halogen spotlights have an average life of 2,000 to 5,000 hours, while LED spotlights can last up to 50,000 hours. This means that when you choose the LED on the halogen, you can change the bulb less.

Shock proof

LED spotlights use LED chips that are durable and hardly broken. When using a halogen spotlight, the filament is very fragile and requires careful handling during installation and replacement.

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